Wholly Joe’s Chicago Eatery has been serving traditional Chicago style hot dogs and the best Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches to Columbus since February 2000. The taste is so authentic you could imagine yourself sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley Field or strolling Chicago’s Downtown Loop.

Wholly Joe’s uses only the finest ingredients delivered directly from Chicago, including 100% mozzarella, Chicago style Italian sausage, Chicago style Italian beef, Red Hot Chicago Hot Dogs, sport peppers, spicy-hot giardinera, and bread from Chicago’s own Turano Bakery. Our food is made to order to insure that you receive the freshest, tastiest meal possible.

In May 2003, Wholly Joe’s introduced “Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza” to its menu.

Joe follows the original recipe and process used in Chicago pizzerias to prepare and bake traditional deep dish pizza. Our pizza is baked in an authentic 1951 carousel oven built exclusively for Chicago style deep dish pizza. The dough is made from scratch and allowed to rise 24 hours before use. It is then shaped by hand into a properly seasoned pan and allowed to rise again before baking. After the crust is browned, selected ingredients are added and cooked and finally, 100% mozzarella is melted on top. This four-step process takes 40 minutes, and it is well worth the wait. Combined with our own homemade pizza sauce and Chicago style Italian sausage, you will know why this pizza is a Chicago favorite.

While visiting Ohio in the late 1990s Joe and his family fell in love with Columbus and decided to make it their home. But they craved the distinctive cuisine of their hometown Chicago. “Something is missing,” Joe would say, and he dreamed of opening his own Chicago Eatery. To his amazement, he soon discovered that many others in Columbus felt the same way. When Joe announced his decision to open a restaurant, friends responded, “Holy Cow Joe! What a great idea!” That idea became a reality when Wholly Joe’s Chicago Eatery opened in 2000.

Thanks from the entire staff of Wholly Joe’s for giving us the opportunity and privilege to serve you. We will always do our best to satisfy your appetite.

From Our Family to Yours,

Joe & Micheline

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